MMDesigns is the passion project of designer and founder, Madelaine Morrow. Her enthusiasm for design and need for artistic expression, remains her underlying force.

Has studied fashion and textile design, Madelaine is continuously experimenting with textures, fabrics and design techniques.

She creates custom made gowns to give you the best experience there is to offer, her desire to empower all women to feel confident and beautiful in what they wear, is how these beautiful handmade garments truly come alive.

Situated in the heart of Ivanhoe, this Melbourne brand utilises local vendors and contractors, strengthening that sense of local community. At MMDesigns the choices are endless.

Our Team Members

Asti Alicia Alexander
Melbourne Designer and Seamstress
Dilini Navarathne
Alterations and Seamstress, Owner of Thread Up- Ballarat

The Photo Studio, Melbourne

Michaela Dutkova
Professional Photographer
Jess Jenkins
Hair & Makeup